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This a perfects multi-activity excursion of eco tourism which combines by  Rafting, Skywalk, Zip-line, ATV And Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.           

The Anda Adventure takes you on a journey to the wonderful highland landscapes.
Destination of Adventure
Song-Phreak is fortunate in its prime location for tourism in terms of natural attractions mountains and river sites which reflect the glories of nature, allowing visitors easy access to all these treasures by venture activities. Song-Phreak is a small sub district in Phang-Nga District Town, located on the highland landscape, between Kratha Kwum Hills and Khao Hra Sung Mountain. The minority Chinese label from main land emigrated to inhabitation for ten mile, Situated 15 kilometers from Phang-Nga District Town.
Anda adventure Land is a base camp located by the river side at Song-Phreak, Phang Nga which is only 20 minutes from Phang Nga Town. Nature luxury facilities are provided, which are include: bungalow, warehouse, restaurant, changing room/shower lavatory, hygienic toilet, locker room, introductory area for paddle training & practical.



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